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Judith Kusel – Mother Ship Earth Moving Deeper And Deeper Into The Vortex Energy – 25 August 2013

Judith Kusel

Moving into the massive Vortex on Mother ship Earth

In the midst of earth and cosmic whole there is intense flux and there is a moving, a creation and re-creation going on which is beyond the scope of what has happened over millions of light years and now culmination into a new rebirthing and a new re-creational order of life itself.
As the planet is and never was an entity on her own, her own rebirth and re-emergence is therefore now happening and there is not form of life on and within her which will go untouched. She is moving in higher state of Being, as this whole solar system and Universe is being transformed. Our sun is being transformed and the great Sun too. So there is not one particle how small or big which is not being transformed in its own essence.

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Judith Kusel – Electromagnetic Cosmic Storms – Heart, Spinal Cord Energies – 22 April 2013

320459_476375685727049_916091030_nThere are immense changes happening in the stratosphere above the Planet, and then electromagnetic storms are wreaking havoc within the solar system.
The reflective rays of the sun, which is now breaking up, into multiple new parts, as the Milky Way Galaxy is going through a massive rebirthing, this is affecting then all the electromagnetic fields in and around the whole solar systems, Universes and in fact the whole galaxy. Continue reading

Judith Kusel – Initiation In The Higher States Of Consciousness – 7 April 2013

images (17)(Lucas: I have edited the title as it said intiation)

The Initiation

When we first seek to go deep within and search for answers, as to why we are here and how we connect to the greater all then we start essentially the quest for KNOWING. It is that deep inner knowing, believing, finding and expanding, which has been the journey of all of those who sought the Higher Meaning of Life itself, and then, most importantly, the meaning of Love. Continue reading