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Judy Sartori – The Radio Interview With Dr. Leslie Wells – 10 July 2013


An Energy Transmission to Open You to Speaking
the Languages of Light – NOW Available

I know you all have been waiting patiently to listen to the interview I recorded while I was in Hong Kong with my good friend, Dr. Leslie Wells. As you know, Mercury in Retrograde got us and Leslie’s web server went down and was down for a few days. I want to thank you for your understanding. Continue reading

Judy Sartori – Full Moon Transmission – June – 26 Jun 2013

judy_satoriMary Magdalene: Following the guidance of Soul Wisdom

Energy transmission to activate Loving Strength

There is always a way – there just has to be a WILL

link to full moon transmission mp3

www.thesoundoflight.com / link to article

Judy Sartori – The Sound Of Light : Full Moon Transmission And Interview – 25 May 2013

judy_satoriHere are the links to listen to from the soundoflight newslettter. (Lucas : For the ones new to hear light language speaking listen a bit longer all will come clear.)

Link to Full Moon Transmission

Link to Interview by Living Spirit Radio of 24 May 2013

www.thesoundoflight.com/ link to original article

Judy Sartori – The Full Moon Transmission For March Is All About LOVE – Love Is The Key And The Way – 27 March 2013

Mary Magdalene

 Love is an energy that powers new creation and helps us move through change and frequently challenge, as change always brings up challenge as we first discover a New Way and then begin to live it and integrate it into our lives. As human beings we are all going through a time of transition right now within our own consciousness and personal lives. This inner change within us is also being reflected in our relationships, our communities and society in general. Continue reading