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Juidith Dagley – Light Message From The Celestial Team – An Ocean Of Love Surrounds You Know – Float in Love Beloved! – 22 June 2013

judithdagleycelestialteam judith dagleyBeloved–
Bask in the solstice energies that surround You NOW! Feel them as a body of water–an ocean, lake, river, stream, tidepool, swimming pool, or even a bath tub. The form does not matter. What DOES matter is that You feel them, and relax in them. Continue reading

Juidith Dagley – High Frequency Recallibration Support From The Celestial Team – 26 May 2013

judithdagleycelestialteam judith dagleyA LOVE–Filled Hello to YOU, Beloved!

We are popping in to innundate you with “high frequency technical support,” you might say, at this highly auspicious moment of your linear time. We do so because the energies of your Super Full Moon/Lunar Eclpse are NOW assisting You in recallibrating to the highest frequencies you have expanded enough to “re-set” YourSelf in. Isn’t that wonderful? Continue reading