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Julian Assange – On PRISM: US Justice System In ‘Calamitous’ Collapse – 9 June 2013

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (AFP Photo / Geoff Caddick)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has slammed a recently exposed NSA mass-surveillance scheme as a “calamitous collapse in the rule of law.” Google, Facebook and other tech giants apparently involved have denied giving the NSA access to their servers. Continue reading

Britain WIthdraws Threat To raid Ecuador’s Embassy – 26 August 2012

Ecuador says Britain has withdrawn a threat to raid its embassy to arrest WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange – easing tensions between the two nations in their ongoing diplomatic standoff.

The Ecuadorian government revealed that it received”a communication from the British Foreign Office which said that there was no threat to enter the embassy.” Continue reading

OpEdNews – Glenn Greenwald – The Bizarre, Unhealthy, Blinding Media Contempt For Julian Assange – 23 August 2012

It is possible to protect the rights of the complainants in Sweden and Assange’s rights against political persecution, but a vindictive thirst for vengeance is preventing that.

Earlier this week, British lawyer and legal correspondent for the New Statesman David Allen Green generated a fair amount of attention by announcing that he would use his objective legal expertise to bust what he called “legal myths about the Assange extradition.” These myths, he said, are being irresponsibly spread by Assange defenders and “are like ‘zombie facts’ which stagger on even when shot down.” Continue reading

Activist Post – Paul Craig Roberts – Ecuador President Rafael “We Are Not A Colony” Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo

President of Ecuador
Rafael Correa

A coward dies many deaths; a brave man dies but once.

The once proud British government, now reduced to Washington’s servile whore, put on its Gestapo Jackboots and declared that if the Ecuadorean Embassy in London did not hand over WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, British storm troopers would invade the embassy with military force and drag Assange out. Ecuador stood its ground. Continue reading

Steve Beckow – Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Seeks Asylum In Ecuador Embassy – 20 June 2012

BBC News, 19 June 2012


Mr Assange is facing extradition to Sweden from Britain for questioning over alleged sex crimes. Continue reading

AP Review Finds No WikiLeaks Sources Threatened | Common Dreams

AP Review Finds No WikiLeaks Sources Threatened | Common Dreams. via CommonDreams.org by Bradley Klapper and Cassandra Vinograd, first published 10th september by the Associated Press