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ActivistPost – Julie Beal – Forget REAL ID – The Global Smart-ID Is Coming! – 12 August 2013

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Julie Beal – Agenda 21 And The Steady-State Techno-Corporatocracy : An Introduction – 27 June 2013

One must make a new system that makes the old system obsolete. — Buckminster Fuller Continue reading

Activist Post – Julie Beal – The A.I. Thought Police – 23 September 2012

We know we’re being surveilled in the matrix: AI Law, empowered by algorithms, feasts on Twittered hate crimes and the like to try to predict crime. We are leaving virtual trails of data which are used to feed simulation models, for predictive analytics – but we can still opt out, throw away our phones, disconnect. There is still some control over what they take from us. But AI Thought Police wants more – to climb into our minds, understand our physical make-up, really get to know us. Continue reading