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Current Update – Drake’s Update Call For Sunday 1 July 2012 – Part 2 – 3 July 2012

Drake’s Update call for Sun. July 1, 2012  Part 2

This is going to seem urbane after the antics of the morning but there was a lot of good information shared on Drake’s call, thanks to his associates and callers.

Here are some of the highlights. I missed 15 minutes when I left to do the Mass Meditation requested by Cobra, and Kauilapele took the day off from the drama, so I’m not going to listen to the recording.

Chemtrails are a major concern for many, but it was noted that the ETs do neutralize the effect to some degree. One caller suggested that any pilots who lay down chemtrails are co-conspirators to murder.

One caller says private, commercial and military planes are spraying us, and every state gets a different concoction because we’re lab rats. They’re doing undisclosed testing on us all the time. Continue reading