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Sophia Love – June 3rd Update – 3 June 2014

Sophia Love

Sophia Love

Thank You Good Friend Djon, a lot of very great information for Everyone to know!

Also very Truth bearing sentence Good Friend Oliver, I will put it here if You don’t mind:

“Another distortion is the hunt for TRUTH, this makes people fight for truth, not realizing that everybody has their own TRUTH which should not be fought over thus letting go of the everlasting chase for the TRUTH cause TRUTH just is.”

Truth is “fighting” in all sense of this word is always evil/dark oriented. In order to defeat the evil You need to direct the hatred and aggression back to it’s source, not giving into provocation to fight, where evil wins almost always, whether by simply winning or transforming Good oriented provoked into evil oriented victim of evil spell. Although on everything there are countermeasures. Continue reading