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Sandra Walter – June Gateway: Meeting The Ultimate Guide – 10 June 2014

SandraWalterWelcome to the June Gateway

Everything is shifting as we enter this new energy field. You may recognize its affect on the Sun and our planet as the waves of light grow more intense. Those of you with third/fourth eye vision or higher skills may notice the intense shift in tones, colors, beings and fields of light around you. Senses can be willfully attuned to this higher light, and it is quite a show. This new light is pure consciousness, revealing how busy it is on the other side of the veils.

Although this phase of our Ascension began back in March, with significant developments and adjustments to our body, heart center, mind and energy fields in April/May, our Gateway is June 13 – 27. The classic 7 day Gateway with a break before/after seems to be a thing of the past, and the energy will not be decreasing. There is deep work unfolding in this photonic bombardment, which is why many of us are feeling that moment before sensation. We can feel the profound intensity approaching; the something is about to shift dramatically sensation. Continue reading