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Lucas – Just A Reminder – 2014 The Year You Are Making The Change Happen – 11 January 2014

Logo Lucas_square_wordsThe 2014 year will be a year of changes in all sorts of ways for all, the planet and  humanity  in its alleged chains from the controllers and systems and belief structures are breaking apart. It is though for you all important to keep focussed on your own heart-source connection and your own process of change as well see the bigger picture behind all the bad news and the good news. See how things emerge from the rubble of the disintegrating old paradigm structures, beliefs and control. Continue reading


Just A Reminder – “The World…Is A Business Mr Beale” – 5 March 2013

Uploaded 25 January 2013  by Senseidave82 Continue reading

Lucas – Just A Reminder – 29 December 2012

there are no strangers only friends you haven't met yet
If  you come in peace and without other intent than unconditional love doors will always be open to you. Act like it and walk through all doors  and explore the universe.  New friends and interesting people will come your way and find you for you hearts vibration is resonating with them and with you.

Love and Light,