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Kaleb Nelms – Scales Lifted From My Eyes. A Childhood Lost, Along With Innocence, It Was Never My Wish – 4 April 2012

Doing what you want, whenever you want without any regard to how others might feel.. My family always preached against following selfishness, however at every turn the “adults” in my world would never take a second to listen or regard me with respect as an equal. As a child this rung true every day. Things were expected out of everyone in our family, but did our esteemed elders ever understand the hypocrisy of their actions vs. their words? Where is all the action, instead of all the silent deceit? Continue reading

Kaleb Nelms – Powerful Feelings Of Calm. Forgiveness Makes My Feet Move Faster – 1 April 2012

My honest belief is that life should be about loving, learning, and helping. I learned my philosophy about two years ago in gen. ed. classes at madison college. One of the hardest classes ive ever taken in my life taught me some very serious lessons: How to “step back,” calm my thoughts for analysis and research, slowing down my thought process in order to write a cohesive sentence, coming up with a subject, and thesis statements.. Probably one of the most powerful lessons I learned from my teacher Bird was how to analyze. In analysis I found a lot of truth about other people, and it showed through my writing habits. Unfortunately, at first, I was absolutely terrible at staying on subject, while also keeping the crowd amused, interested, and not confused over the subject material. Continue reading