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Kauilapele – David Wilcock Comments About The Benjamin Fulford Post Of 28-10-13…”The Handwriting Is On The Wall” – 28 October 2013

kauilapelesblog(Lucas: I urge you all to discern the information as it is just a part of the truth coming out… and not the whole story… it is that what makes it so difficult to see the big picture unfolding if you just see it one way.)

David Wilcock commented on the latest Ben Fulford post. To read these comments first-hand you may go to Ben’s web page and scroll down through the comments. (found original at RMN). Continue reading

Kauilapele – One More Time, “The Money Masters”, Full And Two Part Video… Or, “The REAL History Of The United States (And The World)” – 15 September 2013

kauilapelesblog(Lucas : Thanks for posting this golden oldie again… yes it is good has lots of info!)

I’ve been absolutely enthralled (namely, “sucked in”) by this documentary by Ben Still (from 1996). So much history explained in a very fact-backed, carefully (and methodically) described way. I am loving this (and I usually never listen to financial stuff!!).

So I put here a two part version (Pt 1, Pt 2) and full version below.

Read the whole story and see the videos on his blog: www.kauilapele.wordpress.com/ link to original article

Kauilapele – Victory…OF The Light…IN The Light…It Is Done – 14 August 2013

I am writing this prior to completion of this mission, which is being carried out tonight.

This message has been given to me in this now moment. There may be little time (or desire) to write anything after the mission is finished.

Several operations were carried out, in the region known as “Maryland”, and that known as “Washington DC”. Continue reading

Kauilapele – Kp Message … A Bit Of ‘Channeling’ – 13 July 2013

imageI do not really do the “channeling” thing these days, but something wants to come through and I felt it wise to pass this on (whatever it might turn out to be).

There is indeed a strong coalescence of Ascension timelines occurring right now. A recent GaiaPortal mentioned “simultaneous messaging” proceeding at this time, as well as a “downloading of Master codes”. I must say, I am getting the same thing. Continue reading

Kauilapele – The Last Shasta Supper – 30 June 2013

So here it is… My last evening view of Shasta. For now, at least.

My time is ending and I know it’s time to leave when I feel the ‘itching’, of sorts, to go. I was not intending on this length of stay, but this land called for it, and this house and property, Emerald Springs, wanted my help. It was indeed my home once, as a local native person, and the feeling was strong to return the joy I once knew here, in kind, to this place, in its current, now moment, configuration. Continue reading

Kauilapele – Update On His Journey – Final Message From This Day’s Adventures… – 29 June 2013

130304_new_hair_guy_P1000378_crop_240_7I’m foregoing a photo or picture right now [1020 PM PDT, just added one]. Actually I’m testing a wireless connection at the local college.

Be that as it may, I must say that the ‘Soul Family Connecting (maybe ‘reconnecting’ is a more correct term)” energies feel very high right now. I’ve been meeting and connecting with so many Beings, that there’s no doubt that this is what Shasta is about, at least in this (my) present moment. Lots of connections all over the place. Continue reading

Kauilapele -Sacramento Headwaters Springs In Mt. Shasta City Park… VIDEO – 27 June 2013

Just had to put this up today… This place is an amazing experience. I’ve collected water here 3 times, and am drinking it every day. All sorts of devas and faeries and all that metaphysical nice stuff. Here’s a link to this park.

www.kauilapele.wordpress.com / link to original article