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Kauilapele – Energies Update: Chris Hales Conversation With Julien Wells (One Of “Those Energy Guys’”)… MP3 – 14 April 2013

julien_script_blue1This was also posted at OPPT-IN.com. Julien is an “energy reader”, and presents some very interesting information in this audio conversation with Chris Hales.

Highlights from this side:

2:00, how the fabled “3 Days of Darkness” scenario was scrapped… and why.
25:00, the letting go of “holding the dark” by the Cabal.
26:00, the new Pope, and his aims to transform the Catholic Church from the inside out.

MP3 (33 min., 8 MB)
Click here to listen or download

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Kauilapele – Interview Of Captain Deryl Zeleny By Chris Hale…”Deryl Zeleny’s Campaign Against Legal And Financial Corruption In Canada”… MP3s – 12 April 2013

toppt-logo-blog2I found this interview quite enlightening. This is one of the many pieces which is showing how individuals taking (appropriate) action are helping to crumble the world of corporate government. I found a lot of interesting and useful information in this interview, conducted by Chris Hale of The Collective Imagination show. Continue reading

Kauilapele – David Wilcock – Insider Explanation Of The Russian Meteorite [Of Feb. 2013]” – 12 April 2013

russian_meteor_feb_2013_david_wilcock_articleOf all the varied news David reported in this article, I found this part to hit my inner self the strongest. According to David, the flurry of “meteorite” explosions from February, may very well have been ET craft being shot down by some type of atmospheric drone defense system. Continue reading

Kauilapele – OPPT-IN Show 4-8-13… MP3s [Notes From Ginger Added] – 9 April 2013

oppt_in_freedom_reigns_show_9Heather was on this show, and one thing I do resonate with is her comments about the Essence of what all of this “OPPT stuff” is about. It’s about us. Each of us… All of us.

Radio show link

MP3s were volume leveled and boosted a bit. Music was removed (-4 minutes). Continue reading

Kauilapele – Think Nothing’s Happening? Nothing Has Changed? Here’s 1362 Examples That It HAS.. Document, “Proof Of Mass Arrests Resignations & Retirements Of Elite” – 9 April 2013


Click to enlarge… (Lucas : as always discern yourselves and keep that discerning information and whatever you think to you as it is your truth.)

Thanks to WWP (YouTube name, “styleeffexxx“), who recommended this document. There are 1362 lines in this document, each one listing a PTW type who has resigned, been arrested, died, or whatever. And there are links to most every one. Continue reading

Kauilapele – “Change Is On The Horizon”, Three-Part Video Series – 7 April 2013

freedom_council_james_rink_logo2As even more data comes in, I post these for your information. It may be something that some would like to share with others. James Rink put together these videos and they are quite well done. These go along with the last post. I felt these would be helpful to some. Continue reading

Kauilapele – Freedom Council With James Rink And Doug…”TONA, NESARA, Saint Germain” From March 30, 2013, Video and MP3s – 7 april 2013

freedom_council_james_rink_logo1(Lucas: Indeed Kauilapele, it is about the personal process that all humans need to go through and now some have almost done and some are still in the middle of and some are just starting. )

[UPDATE: “TONA” = “Titles of Nobility Amendment” (the original 13th amendment)]

This video, by James Rink and Doug, is more data. I may have more to say about all this later. But I found this fellow “Doug” (and James Rink, who appears to have just graduated high school) presented a lot of information here, some of which I have not heard about, but much which is backed up by what I have heard from other sources, both past and present. Continue reading

Kauilapele – Message Of 3-28-13 From “East Coast”…. – 7 April 2013

east_coast_lettersMessage of 3-28-13 from “East Coast” (whoever (and wherever) he may be)… MP3s

[UPDATE 1: Thanks to Arrai El, for finding the video, at Ascension with Earth’s YouTube Page. Here’s the link to the video. http://youtu.be/ya2qd1z0cEk] [UPDATE 2: The only reference to a Bank of America snub which I could locate is this article. “Democratic convention drops “Bank of America” from Panthers stadium“] Continue reading

Kauilapele – The OPPT-IN.com Website Is Currently Re-Directed To AK.. – 30 March 2013

TOPPT-LOGO-BLOG2Don’t be “surprised” if you try to get to OPPT-IN.com, and you get American Kabuki. The OPPT-IN.com website is currently being re-directed to American Kabuki’s website (why? how?). This may be a temporary issue related to the upgrade of the OPPT-IN.com site

In any event, most of the material on can be found at AK’s site, Removing the Shackles, and this blog.

http://www.kauilapele.wordpress.com / link to original article


Kauilapele – From Heather…Information For Release…”Why The PTW Are Afraid Of Eternal Essence Embodied BE’ing And DO’ing.. OR…”The Effects Of Lasagna On How Posts Are Written” – 27 March 2013

TOPPT-LOGO-BLOG2[UPDATE, 1 minute after posting this… Click HERE for D’s post on this, and click HERE for AK’s post. We each say different things, so may want to read them all…

Oh, Heaven, I liked what D says, so here it is:

Attempted Patent of Human Embodiment by Bank of America and VISA INTL Continue reading