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Putin Proposes Currency Union With Belarus, Kazakhstan – 21 March 2015

RT logoIt’s time to think about the prospects of creating a currency union between Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, President Vladimir Putin has said.

“We think the time has come to talk about the possibility to form a currency union in the future,” Putin said Friday at a meeting with his Kazakh and Belarusian counterparts Nursultan Nazarbaev and Aleksandr Lukashenko in Astana.

It’s easier to protect the common financial market when working shoulder to shoulder, Putin added.

At the Friday meeting in Astana the heads of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan – all member states of the Eurasian Economic Union – are discussing a joint game plan to tackle the global economic slowdown and challenges in the energy market that has seen Brent benchmark plunging to about $54 per barrel as of March 20 from its peak of $115 per barrel last June.

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UFO over Kazakhstan 2011 in the news


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