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Ron Van Dyke – Key To Manifesting: What Is Your State Of Being – 30 March 2013

Uploaded on 30 March 2013 by Ron Van Dyke I’m amazed, first off, at how reliable My internal wake-up mechanism is, since I only had two hours from the time I went to bed before I needed to get up for my meditation. During meditation, what came to me was something my friend Steve had sent to me recently, though I cannot find it now. What I recall is this: what we manifest in our lives has more to do with our overall state of being than with our current positive affirmations or our negative thoughts that seem beyond our control. For me, however it was said and whoever it was who said it, it was a relief. You see, often times I have had the thought when my thoughts and feelings were not ideal that: oh my, now I am creating what I don’t want. It’s as if that little demon in me was saying, “See, you blew it again.” That’s not a very comforting thought for those like me who emphasize being authentic. What is comforting is knowing that my Higher Self looks at my overall state of being, not my state of emotion at any given time, to determine what manifests in my life. That is grace.