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Kris Won – Commander Sohin – Spaceship Alpha – 7 May 2012

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

During the last weeks, the number of men and women – especially women – who have begun to channel messages has increased, many of which are being published in the Internet, to our joy and blessing.

We have chosen the channelings to convey to you the news of everything that is occurring during the process of Ascension, for we consider it ideal that only those who are open to a First Contact and to everything that the Great Revelation of our presence among you implies, have an easy access to such information, while those who scoff at this information or simply don’t believe in it because they are mentally vibrating in the old archetype, will not find themselves at ease reading them. Continue reading


Kris Won – 4 March 2012

I am one of the three females in the group. My name is Sasha and the commander of our spaceship is named Umbro.

Greetings to all our brothers and sisters of Mother Earth.

We come from another, more or less distant, planet; for some it may be very far, for others we would be practically neighbours. How do the variables change, depending on the point of view of the observer! In fact, nothing is rigid in the Universe; your vision depends on the observer’s perception, according to his/her experience, lives, living conditions, etc. Continue reading

Kris Won – Greetings From Alpha Spaceship! – 3 January 2012

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Dear brothers and sisters, it pleases us greatly to tell you about the unstoppable achievements we are attaining, which are preventing more and more, those who conspire anonymously to continue with the materialistic and selfish leadership in their world of power, which they had maintained over the population of Earth until now. Continue reading

Kris Won – Commander Sohin From Alpha Spaceship – 22 December 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We have found ourselves in numerous occasions in which we have had to intervene in matters related to purely internal subjects of the humanity of this planet, but which, without our intervention, would have further postponed the process of Ascension for all of you, instead of accelerating it — which is what we are looking for.  Continue reading

Kris Won – Commander Sohin – 10 November 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We are entering a new stage in the process of Ascension as a human race on this planet. We could say, without wishing to exaggerate, that the time you are in at this very moment is of enormous importance and as such, will mark a “before and after” in the history of your civilization.
Continue reading

Kris Won – Master El Morya – 2 November 2011

E L  M O R Y A

Silently, quietly, without show or display and without looking for glory, the adept does his job always keeping in mind to help his less evolved brothers and sisters to progress. He knows that he is sharing his work with other initiated Masters and in collaboration with many disciples and aspirants to the Wisdom; but, nevertheless, he is the only being in the Universe who has been chosen by the Creator to carry out that mission. So he carries it out with care, surrender, and total dedication. Continue reading

Kris Won – Commander Sohin – 31 October 2011

Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Many of you are wondering (we are well aware) about our physical form, and how and what material are our ships made of. And we are always ready to answer all your questions; for that, among other things, is why we are offering at the present time to keep you informed of our steps, and to answer all of the questions we know all of you have down there.

The ideas flow smoothly and lightly from my mind to the mind of my channel, and this is how it should be. Very soon, all of you will know how to receive our telepathic messages, without the need to spend a lot of energy moving ourselves through the continuum of space-time.  Continue reading

Kris Won, August 29, 2011

Kris Won, August 29, 2011. via Galacticchannelings.com





Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

We renew on this day the messages transmitted through Kris-Won, after a brief period of interruption. We know that many people among you were awaiting our return. As you can see, everything that you wait for, that is truthful, legitimate and advantageous, makes the wait worthwhile. There is always a reason for everything, also for this pause; but I would not like to get into details, if you allow me this.

I am Commander Sohin, from the Stellar Alpha Spaceship, and all of us, our crew and I, are at a specific point in space – very close to where you are – totally committed to a mission of vital importance, and even more, of extreme importance I would say, so that all of you receive the necessary and convenient help you need to raise your consciousness and place you in an evolutionary level that you must achieve now, as decreed by our Supreme Commander, of all our Galaxy and Universe, moving in continuous expansion: God himself.

Actually, He is the one who directs the little wills of all beings, wrapped in this Cosmic drama, both, animate and inanimate, intelligent as well as the instinctual, the evolved and quasi Divine as well as the young ones of little evolution.

The human being of Earth will very soon be the protagonist of, and we could say he is already beginning to achieve this, a true evolutionary leap that will catapult him towards the Highest Spheres that a physical being can go to in this God-manifested Universe. This is what we call, in one word, “the Sacred Process of Ascension.”

We know that there are many among you who remain skeptic of this fact that we are announcing to you; others, more intuitive ones and perhaps also more spiritually advanced, intuit within that we really are in a process of Ascension, for their soul, which is an intermediary vehicle between the mind and the Pure Spirit that is who you really are, is communicating to you this sensation of security mixed with the joy that all of you are feeling – am I wrong? – (Sohin smiles clearly here).

Oh yes, those who have been called by the Father-Mother-God know well this specific sensation, and they know what I am talking about.

Those who do not feel any communication at all… any familiarity with what I am saying, it is simply because they are not prepared to make this great leap; and that is neither good nor bad, only that they will continue progressing spiritually, mentally and emotionally on a different planet, anchored still in the Third Dimension. That is to say, they will “repeat the course”, so that they can graduate later on, in a different frame of space-time; that is all.

The heirs of this New Earth that is to come – very soon (we will specify in order to give you the hope that you deserve for your own merits) – are very old souls, many of whom come from different worlds than this one but who have incarnated in Gaia’s matrix because they voluntarily elected to live this experience so that, besides obtaining this unique experience of life in the Universe, they can also take advantage of their presence in your world in order to assist as many terrestrial beings as they can, simply fulfilling their mission to cooperate with one another towards the accomplishment of the Master Plan.

This Master Plan, which in turn is subdivided in many facets of assistance and cooperation so that all living beings of Gaia will finally succeed, and nothing nor anyone can prevent this from materializing in this point, a very small (point) but a very important one, of our Galaxy.

And so I leave you now telling you that we are very proud of all those who cooperate among yourselves, that have offered to expand our messages, ours and those of the warriors of Light, of other Light Workers, of other representatives of the Light.

The Light is expanding, and gaining ground to the dark, and with it, all the dark beings that boast to live in it, only because they have not found out yet the benefits of living according to the Cosmic Laws that circle the most powerful energy of the Universe: Love.

Love and Peace,

Source: Commander Sohin

Channel: Kris-Won

Translator: Gloria