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Lucas – Warning : Fake Calls In Drake’s Name Made – 3 July 2012

There are several fake calls made  in Drake’s name by people posing as him calling upon militias to get into action and arrests anyone on site. That was reported on a facebook page now not to track anymore and one website at least.  I will not give them here and gieve them any attention. I will blacklist them. Continue reading


Dave Schmidt – Let’s Talk 2012 And Beyond – InLight Blogtalkradio – 27 June 2012

Call in to speak with the host :  (323) 784-9697  or  skype

This Tuesday will have Dave and Sierra discussing how to talk about ascension, disclosure, the mass arrests, etc with family and friends.  Join us as we learn from each other to deal with this senstive topic.  Continue reading

Global Voice Radio Network – Drake And Company – 14 June 2012

link to radio show Drake and Company by Global Voice Radio Network 14 June 2012

Drake’s official program on Global Voice Network. Tune in for the latest updates. Drake will speak and then we will open the lines to questions.  Tune in for the very latest news on our path to freedom.