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BREAKING NEWS: Italian Financial Police Searches The Vatican – It ‘s The First Time In History, Almost Touched The Diplomatic Incident – 6 July 2012

Italian Financial Police Searches the Vatican

It ‘s the first time in history, almost touched the diplomatic incident
(google translation)
17:45 – For the first time the Italian police came to the Vatican for a search. Touched the diplomatic incident when finance has sifted through the records of the Institute of the Immaculate Hospital and dermatology San Carlo, which refer to the congregation of the “Sons of the Immaculate Conception”, in an investigation a hole of more than 800 million euros.
The men of Yellow Flames, coordinated by the prosecutor Michele Nardi, waited hours before the authorities of the Papal States gave their green light, after repeatedly asking strict compliance with the procedures laid down by the Treaty of ’29 church and state. The investigations include investigations on the financial scandal that hit the two hospitals.
The story so far has involved 4 people, including Father Franco Decaminada, father, master of the institution for years, then was forced to resign just because of the happy financial management. He is accused of conspiracy, aimed  unwarranted approval and a series of tax offenses. Also searched the headquarters of the provincial head of the congregation, Father Paritanti.
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