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POOF – Susan/ ZAP – “It’s Time To Start Believing!” – 17 June 2013

poofPOOFness for JUN 16: “It’s time to start believing!”

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Lawmakers Rush To Outlaw Undercover Farm Videos Youtube – 15 April 2013

Uploaded on 14 April 2013  by MOXNEWSd0tC0M April 13, 2013 CNN http://MOXNews.com Thanks to www.activistpost.com for pointing this out. ( Lucas : interesting as it shows also perceptions brought forth by self-interest or group interests.   Why are  you attacking the whistleblowers that address the cruelty that is not permitted or even is morally accepted? Is that not done in the interest of  (big) corporate farmers, meat industry and lobbyists? Why do some  others use the whistleblowers to be  pushing vegetarianism? Whatever view you have on it keep your truth clean. Animal cruelty is not permitted nor done out of respect for animal life and is therefore also regulated. That is what it should be about. Asking for legislation to gag or stop whistleblowers for filming the cruelty with hidden camera that are then exposed on YouTube is showing you’re not truthful in your arguments. If you wanna promote vegetarianism say so. If you just do not care about animal welfare or health or even regulations say so. If you want to stop whistleblowers you are for sure under  suspicion of not caring about animal welfare.  People can make then their real choice if  your able to  state your real and not hidden truth. Stop confusing the issue. It is too obvious.)