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Lee-Anne Peters – Words Of Wisdom – January Transition – 23 January 2014

https://lucas2012infos.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/499e9-49-lee-anne2bapril2b2012.jpgWelcome to 2014, I trust your transition was full of love and what you enjoy. I know it has been quite a challenging time these past weeks, and I trust you are moving out of any heaviness you may have been experiencing. I trust you find some comfort in these words of love to you.
The energy flowing into the new year was very focused around the old door closing and the new door opening, and that transition period (with one foot in both worlds) which seemed to last quite a while (and still continues to a degree) as time warped and we were in many ways pushed to step back and go within.

Lee-Anne Peters – 2014 – Yearly Forecast – 30 December 2013

Uploaded  on 29 December 2013 by templeofbalance Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Current Energies April 2013 – 3 April 2013

https://lucas2012infos.files.wordpress.com/2013/04/tension-headaches.jpg(Picture title : The Pressure Mounts)

April 2013 ~ CURRENT ENERGIES —–> with Lee-Anne Peters
Do you remember that strange ‘pressure’ in the air which started about 2 or 3 weeks ago? When there was extra tension, a shedding of the old and the energy created a lot of headache and strange negative thinking which was not typical for us. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – It’s A Time Warp! – 25 September 2012

One day, then the next and the next… before you know it a week has passed, then a month and another month!! Yikes! With time speeding by at such rapid speed it’s no wonder many people are becoming fearful of aging, dying and separation!!

These past days I have been exploring this further. This isn’t the first time I have contemplated time. I wrote a chapter about it in my second book (Aligning with the Speed of Light). I have been time playing and aligning with the moment for several years now – so what is different now? Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Drop The Excuses – Release The Beliefs – Your Time Is Now! – 27 July 2012

 Set the ‘tone’ of what sort of relationship you deserve, what career/work you wish to be a part of, the type of people you wish to be around by looking VERY closely at your belief system, your negative thinking, your old programming etc!!

Many may ask – how would my belief system determine how my life is? Well, based on my experience it does – so play with it and see how it sits for you! Don’t take my word on it, but explore YOUR beliefs, YOUR programming, YOUR thinking to determine what is happening for you! Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – You Don’t Have To Suffer For A Gift To Be Revealed!! – 8 July 2012

It’s during times of exploring our Deepest Darkness that a true gift of light can be revealed!

However, be cautious not to believe that this is the ONLY way things can get better – by reaching the pits. If that’s what you believe that is what you will create…
Transform that limiting belief into a positive TRUTH…. A TRUTH that shines so brightly – louder than any belief, any limitation, any suffering! Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Be Willing To…. Let It Go! – 4 July 2012

From time to time some old wounds surface – these wounds we may have thought were long gone and hello – they rear their ugly head. This can bring forth fear, worry, negative thinking and anxiety. It can be ‘out of the blue’ when these old wounds reappear…. so when they do – what do we do about it?

Firstly, if you can and if you think about it look to your tools and resources for self healing. If they dont come to mind then try this… Continue reading