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Lee Harris – April 2015 Energy Forecast – April Awakenings – Stepping Into Power And Peace – 4 April 2015

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Lee Harris – March 2015 Energy Forecast – Faster Times And Feelings In The Shadows And The Light – 3 March 2015

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Lee Harris – February 2015 Energy Forecast – The Energy Of 2015 – 5 February 2015

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Lee Harris – December 2014 Energy Forecast – Clear, Open, Discern, Live, Love! – 3 December 2014

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Lee Harris – November 21st 2014 Energy Update: ‘Electrifed Living – Peace Lies In The Deep Of The Ocean’ – 21 November 2014

This past 2 weeks, the energy has seen a lot of us deep-diving.
Diving down into the depths of ourselves – our feelings, our thoughts, our beliefs, our patterns, our life journey.
Soul diving.

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Lee Harris – November 2014 Energy Forecast – Multiplying Love And Shifting From Density To Light – 2 November 2014

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Lee Harris – October 2014 Energy Forecast – The Great Re-Opening And How Destiny Lives In The Details – 1 October 2014

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Lee Harris – September Speed Pulses’ Paving The Way For A Vast Energy Of OPENING In October – 27 September 2014

Lee Harris Energy

Energy Update from Lee – September 25th 2014:

Hi Everyone,

I recorded the October Energy forecast earlier this week (given I am traveling again). It will be released next week, but in the forecast, I mention an upcoming rapid ‘energy-opening’ time for all of us on Earth. And this can be preceded by pulses or ‘triggers’ in your energy and physical body.

This forecast ‘Opening’ comes after what has felt (for many) like 2 years of a ‘slow down’ energetically. In extreme cases, this slow-down would leave you feeling compressed, trapped or clamped in your life, feelings or physicality. Continue reading

Lee Harris – September 2014 Energy Forecast – Turn left At Distress And Head Toward The Light-Body – 3 September 2014

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Lee Harris – June 2014 Energy Forecast – What’s New, And What’s Possible Now? – 2 June 2014

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