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Visionkeeper – Let Go! – 22 April 2013

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This one is for you B…I’m not exactly sure what you wanted to hear but I will give it a try. Let us begin with how insane the world is right now. We are all being triggered from all directions by circumstances attempting to hook our emotions and hold on tight to us. Major happenings are occurring designed to grab our hearts and twist them until our juices run dry. Personally I feel the only way to deal with what is going on right now is to make it our mission to know the truth, no matter how painful that may be. Once the truth is visible to us, we tend to not get sucked in or hooked in by what is taking place. We encounter the initial shock wave, compute it into our data bases and then we must release it! Turn off that television that wants to chain us to our couch and make us watch over and over again the same distorted message the Government wishes to plant into our brains. Do not buy into it and do not get hooked by it! Just as important for us is to pay attention to our herding mentality wanting to drive us along with everybody else into the fear pit. Well if everybody else is afraid then I guess I must be as well. WRONG! Continue reading

Fran Zepeda – Message from Yeshua – Let Go – 21 March 2012

The ways of the world are changing, dear ones. Hold on to your hats. You are about to experience what you have never experienced in all your lifetimes, since the inception of your souls into this 3D experience. Continue reading