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Visionkeeper – Let Life Be A Mirror – 25 April 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

I spoke yesterday about how our thoughts create our reality. That is such an important thing to understand and if you can’t grasp the meaning of it, then just look around you. We have such a strong attachment to nature and it seems every time we are out in it we see multiple scenes of beauty, often serenity and calm like the picture I chose today. Why is that do you suppose? Nature does not think thoughts the way we do and so many of our thoughts are fearful or aggressive or angry. If these are our thoughts then the reality around us will be the same as well. If this tree had thoughts they would obviously be ones of peace and tranquility. If we look around ourselves what we see will tell us what our lives are like within. Are we living in chaos where we don’t have enough hours in day, are we always in a hurry unable to be still and go within, is there tension all around us or is there peacefulness and calm? Are we constantly running into road blocks and fighting our way upstream, or do we flow? Continue reading