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I UV – BZ – Letters From The I UV WebPortal Imagineer – 4 June 2013

COWEL DUNES BLK 2Feeling and “Seeing” The I UV WebPortal

For me the I UV Web Portal is an energetic representation of all eternal essence embodied and their journey of Transition and Transmutation. Together we’re learning new ways of BEing and DOing as we shift from our mind leading the way to our heart knowing the way…. transforming to Love Absolute.

In this transformation, I’ve come to “know” the I UV Web Portal is a colorful, sensory-rich buffet of multidimensional and multimedia conversations we co-create, absent limits, with all of you. We sense what ideas and information resonate with the One People, developing them for the site, facilitating so people can actively play in some areas or watch in a passive way in others what other eternal essence embodied are being and doing. Continue reading