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Meredith Murphy – Message From Archangel Michael – Liberating The Physical Template Of The New Human – 3 May 2012

Greetings Beloveds,

I come to you in peace.

I transmit today the Golden Light from the City of LIght where the ascended masters dwell.  Bathing you in the energy of the 5th dimension, the realm of the Archangels and High Energy Beings.   This light feels liquid, and you sense it’s golden color as you attune to the energy coming in through your crown chakra upon orienting to me, and calling forth our connection.  This light will protect you from the denser energies being stirred up on your planet by the approach of Venus and the alignment of the June Solstice.  These are potent alignments which are already being anticipated energetically, for the planets do not move into these alignments suddenly, of course–it is gradual and thus it is felt gradually. Continue reading