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Visionkeeper – Light Dancing – 21 May 2013

beautiful-cute-dancing-dress-Favim.com-685042(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Music to read by below:

So much heaviness weighing us down these days, so much deception and lies, so much aggression and hostility, but we must not partake in such futile thinking. It is negative energy guaranteed to pull you down into the underworld. No, now is the time for us to dance in the light and rejoice that we are alive, now is the time to flood the planet with as much positive energy as we can. It is time for the light to shine brightly and our voices to be heard. We are the Universe Pioneers and our time is at hand to lead the way to a better world. It is time to realize and understand it is best if we do the opposite of what is expected of us. When fear and tragedy is paraded out on the stage by the dark ones do not panic and cry out. No my fellow Universe Pioneers, dance and sing! Each time we do this we lessen the strength of the dark ones grip upon humanity. We must keep things LIGHT and dance. Even our name suggests where we are meant to keep our spirits. Universe Pioneers=UP ! Continue reading