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Lee Carrol – Kryon – Answers A Question About Being A Lighthouse – 10 September 2012


A Lightworker asked:

“I’m in a place I don’t want to be in. Why am I being punished every day by having to work with these people that are so dark? They think I’m crazy and don’t honor me or my life. What should I think about this? It’s hard!” Continue reading

Deborah Taylor – Lighthouse – 11 June 2012

My friend Peter owns an island off the coast of Maine.  On it he has erected a most magnificent lighthouse who’s beam illuminates the night sky and pierces the morning fog.  He has retreated from city life and finds his solace in the sound of the waters that splash upon the shore of his pine filled kingdom.  He has kept danger at bay with the beacon that swirls in measured time atop his lighthouse.  It is there that I find myself with him at dusk sharing a glass of wine and letting our conversation be guided by the moody sky.  We are high above the rocks that lay below us.   Continue reading