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Common Dreams – Abby Zimet – Another World Is Possible : Occupy Sandy’s Food, Lights, Water, Blankets – 5 November 2012

With outlying and low-income areas around New York still ravaged and little institutional help forthcoming, Occupy Sandy, an offshoot of OWS, has stepped into the void with efficient, no-red-tape, often vital help. With a tale from Far Rockaway about community at its best. Occupy and the military, together at last. Help here or here. Continue reading


Lucas – Be The Warrior Of Peace And Light – 26 June 2012

A call for action is not a call for violence, civil unrest  nor a call for taking up weapons. If we the people are “The Warriors of Peace and Light” we should take up our weapons  of Light. The swords of lights that will bring down the threats of the dark in unconditional love in sending the light to stop the attack and intent of evil and  heal what is broken. Continue reading

Just What Was That Mystery Light In The Sky?

UFO Flies Over Moon Zoomed In Reveals Stunning Lights

UFO sighting over the beach & over the moon, red colors seemingly changes shape…

Uploaded on YouTube 9th August 2011.

Amazing UFO shines a spotlight over Germany that lights up the night sky [video]

Amazing UFO shines a spotlight over Germany that lights up the night sky . Via examiner.com


Unknown lights over Copenhagen, Denmark 3-Jul-2011






Unknown lights over Copenhagen, Denmark 3-Jul-2011.

Brasilian UFO is to be declared a kite in the nightsky with lights

I personaly cant find this explaniation sufficient. See for yourselves its in Portugees i haven’t a translation.

Brazil Ovni Ufo Case Resolution TV News 27 July 2011

Triangle Formation of Lights Near the Mountain – July 21, 2011 (Tucson, AZ)