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Lilou Mace- Juicy Living Tour – With Tim Freke – 7 June 2012

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Lilou Mace – Juicy Living Tour – Life Without A Centre – Jeff Foster – 4 June 2012

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Lilou Mace – Juicy Living Tour – Zoe Joncheere – Living As God, Love Is Who We Are – 31 May 2012

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Lilou Mace – The Juicy Living Tour – Hidden Knowledge & Coming Into Consciousness – Marcel Messing – 31 May 2012

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Lilou Mace – The Juicy Living Tour – With Peter Vereecke – New World Order – 26 May 2012

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Former mayor in Belgium, Peter Vereecke awakened 10 years ago to a new reality and have ever since actively participated in letting people know what he has found out regarding NWO, Vaccins, Chemtrails, Food and more.

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Lilou Mace – Juicy Living Tour – Sonia Choquette – How To Live In ABUNDANCE? – 14 May 2012

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Lilou Mace – Two Videos From The Juicy Living Tour – 25 April 2012

INTUITION – Sonia Choquette

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WHO IS GOD?  YOU ARE! – Fiona Fay

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Lilou Mace – Juicy Living Tour – Interview With Pierre Javanovic – European Revolution Annoumced Within 2 Weeks – 22 April 2012

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Liloumace – Drunvalo Melchizedek: Crop Circles, Russians,Coming Solar Flares…IUDrunvalo Melchizedek: Crop circles, Russians, Coming Solar Flares…Use Your Discernment !! – 9 April 2012

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9th wave of the Mayan Calendar ending on 28th October 2011 – Dr Calleman

by Lilou Mace

Practically the whole world strongly experienced the frequency increase associated with the beginning of the Ninth wave (Universal Underworld, Mar 9th, 2011) as this manifested in the earthquake in Japan and the ensuing events. But what is this Ninth wave about? It is easy to see the “chaos” and “catastrophes,” but maybe not so easy to see the overall direction of the process that it carries. I have previously only described the direction of the Ninth wave in very general terms saying that it is about unity consciousness, but exactly what is unity consciousness and how will this manifest through this wave?
http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/Third_day_Ninth_Wave.htm via http://www.calleman.com