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Lisa Gawlas The Dawn Of New Day ….Who Is Directing Your Life Story Now?? – 13 September 2014

lisagawlas2Did anyone else wake up yesterday exhausted??  Holy heavens batman, I went to sleep (and sleep all night) with more energy than I woke up with.  But I suppose that is what we feel like when we are being glued back together into our brand new reality zone.  Dual CME’s rocked planet earth yesterday and if I may quote spaceweather.com “with the most intense geometric storm of the year.”

Speaking of the sun and spaceweather.com, they had an audio clip of the explosive X flair from the 10th.  I listened to it and realized that seriously loud buzzing we get in our ears, for me it has been especially loud and constant this last week, is the same noise.  My ears were rocking at high pitch when I listened to the clip and when I turned it off, my ears were normal, no more high pitch noise.  I suddenly realized that is what is happening during our internal buzzing, it is finding its frequency with the energy, the light codes getting ready to emerge out of the sun.  Now we tend to get excited with the bigger flares, but don’t think the smaller ones are a waste of sun energy, not at all.  They affect us too, just not on the obvious grander scales of the bigger ones. Continue reading