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Lisa Harrison’s Response To Neil Keenan’s Attack – 15 April 2013

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Lisa Harrison’s Response to OPPT Attack by Neil Keenan/ Michael Dunn.

(Lucas : In my view it shows the different levels of perception and levels in multidimensional awareness.   I do not want to give it too much attention also. If people bothered to listen to all radio shows of OPPT-In and The Collective Imagination and the fora discussions and websites, they would find out that almost all questions already were answered. But if you do not take the time to read, listen to radio shows, YouTube videos, and other information out there you will have missed a lot. Compartilaziation, seperation, wanting to be the only one that is right is still seen.  Both tell their truths and are part of the bigger truth picture.  Heather would call it absolute data.   Ron Van Dyke in his video made already some points clear about the attack. I hope we can leave all this behind us. We can only go forward if we can see we  can have a different perception or view on the world and still work together. We will recognize in fact that we might have more in common than you might think.  If people move into that  space called neutrality, a space without judgment, arguments or need to have a difference by just seeing we just are. This is the place we will  find unity. In this way we can create a new beginning for all and with all included not excluded and still be our own empowered individual creator beings.  Let us find that balance within and this will reflect and make the change outside also. We climb soon out of our trenches and thoughts of  obstructions we put in place to keep in or keep out that what is different and new. We will see there is only a solution found in  finding home together united as one.  Polarities finding equilibrium. Love finding its place right in the middle of all.)

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