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Spaceweather.com – Live Report – X-class Flare – 11 June 2014

What an active day, after a minor impulsive M-class flare from region 2080 the new region 2087 produced an M3 class solar flare, it was short in duration so we expect no associated CME with it. One hour later Active Region 2087 produced it’s third X-class flare, it was exactly X1.0. Unfortunately our alert system suffered from a minor bug and tweeted it as an M8 flare, we excuse us for that. The bug will be resolved later today.


Active Region 2087 looks to be in a phase of growth, it is still difficult to determine it’s magnetic complexity because it is still near the limb but from first sight there looks to be a delta structure within the region that’s strong enough to produce further flares.

Later today, when LASCO imagery is complete, we’ll take a look if there was a CME associated. Watch us for updates.