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Visionkeeper – Living The Life Your Desires – 15 February 2013

sunset-women-dance-favim-com-508810(Pictures by http://www.favim.com)

It is quite remarkable that we have spent decades getting to understand our bodies and how they function and eventually we began to do the same with our minds. We continued along with our lives as body and mind and thought nothing of it, or so we thought. Yet over those decades we also began to experience great unrest within and when we couldn’t come to terms with the unrest, we began to eat, buy, drug and drink away the discomfort within. What was wrong? Why was the hole within unable to be filled? We accomplished the difficult task of knowing our bodies and our minds, but that was not all that we are. What about our souls? Why should we not need to understand our souls and how best to tend to them and satisfy them, after all they are part of who we are. Would we heal our bodies but say we can heal everything but the pinkie fingers? They are part of our bodies! Our souls are starving and depleted for we have ignored them, not listened to their needs as we did for everything else. It is time we step out of the illusion and embrace our souls and begin to make direct contact with them and finally make ourselves whole. Continue reading