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London’s New ‘Driverless’ Tube Trains Slammed By Unions – 9 October 2014

(image from www.tfl.gov.uk)

(image from http://www.tfl.gov.uk)

Next generation London Underground trains will be “driverless” Mayor Boris Johnson and rail bosses have announced. Unions called the move “lethal and cash driven nonsense” that will cost jobs.

Images of the new tube’s futuristic design, which is set to feature walk through carriages and air conditioning, were unveiled by the Mayor on Thursday.

The modernized tubes are expected to begin servicing Londoners in 2022. While they have been designed to operate on a purely automated basis, TfL say they would initially be manned by drivers.

When TfL’s older tube fleet has been entirely replaced by their modern counterparts, the newly designed trains will begin running on a driverless basis with a staff member on board.

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