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CommonDreams – Look Who’s Talking: Republicans Denounce NSA Spying – 26 January 2014

common-dreams(Lucas: If you really still believe in left-right, etc. party politics and still think Democrats and Republicans or any difference in the outcome you are still asleep. All work towards the same goal and you will for sure not see change whatever you choose. Get done with the system that you have given away your power to and go back to self-governance. We need not structures, governments and politicians to guarantee us to be “free” as they only will take more and more from you in money, power, rights. The divisions are over do not let you divide or labelled or told you’re not a free human being. You all individually have the power and are free. No one can take that what is and was always yours!)

In reversal of Bush-era politics, RNC urges Congressional GOP to overhaul Patriot Act Continue reading