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Celia Fenn – The Year 2012: Looking Backwards, Looking Forwards, Alignments And New Energies – 19 January 2012

So, here we are in the year 2012, and already half way through the first month of January! What an exciting year it was in 2011, and we have so much to look forward to in 2012!

For me, 2011 was a very busy year in terms of my work and travels, and for the Planet as well, much changed in 2011. In Higher Dimensional terms, the Earth was brought into its final “alignment path” for the great Transformation of 2012. Looking back, this began on the December Solstice of 2010 when the Earth ascended into the Fifth Dimension and was firmly connected to her New Earth timeline. Then, in August of 2011, around the time of the Lion’s Gate in August, the Rainbow Bridge was opened up once again and the Earth began to access the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions of Light and Higher Consciousness. This means that those of us who are taking the Conscious Journey with the Earth are able to access the Dimensions of Archetype, Magic and Master energies in our Co-Creation work on the Planet. These High Frequency energies are not easy to anchor and embody initially, but as we become used to the new frequencies, we find that life takes on a Magical and Joyful energy that many of us have not felt since we were children! Indeed, the New Earth is Rising in our Consciousness and manifesting on the Earth! Continue reading