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Anti-War Activists Stage Protest In Washington DC, Los Angeles – 22 March 2015

RT logoA series of anti-war protests rolled through the US on Saturday, condemning Washington’s involvement in past and ongoing conflicts in the wider Middle East.

In Los Angeles about a hundred anti-war activists took to the streets marching on Hollywood Boulevard with coffins. Rallying against US involvement in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Palestine, protesters carried signs reading “Hands off Syria” and “Wanted for the destruction of Iraq.”

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UFO Report – UFOs Sighting Near LAX Los Angelos – USA – 10 January 2012

uploaded by TaiwanSCW 9th Jan. 2012 on YouTube

Statemen: I was watching the live cam and caught these glowing orbs moving about over Los Angeles, CA. The first 3 screenshots are from archives and I didn’t really catch it that early. I wish I had, it looks like a lot of UFO activity was going on at about 8PM on Jan 9, 2012 and ended at 12.10 am.

UFO Report- Red Glowing UFO – Madrid – Spain – 1 January 2012

Uploaded OOcepelin 1 st Jan. 2012 on YouTube.

Triangle UFO Seen In Los Angeles and San Diego

A black triangle UFO over the Palos Verdes area of Los Angeles, and confirmed later by a La Jolla resident.  The triangle was first seen in La …

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