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Will – Love Yourself – 18 December 2012

LoveYourselfYes, love yourself. Stop looking for acceptance from outside. This hasn’t worked for the thousands of years people have been on this planet, isn’t currently working and wont work in the future. Love can’t be found outside of yourself because what appears to be external is only an illusion. Love lies deep within, are you willing to look inside yourself? Most people aren’t, looking inside offends the ego. Self-awareness and the ego are not compatible. In awareness we realize we are neither the body nor the ego/mind. Continue reading


Love Yourself, Love Your Life: Life Is Your Best Medicine With Dr. Low Dog – 5 October 2012

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David Wilcock – Love Yourself, End The New World Order (Re-Post) – 15 June 2012

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David explains how the metaphysical has a role in the evolution and revolution that is underway. The time has come to end the reign of power by those who wish to rule us by keeping us from knowing and loving our true selves, and keeping is from knowing our true power…