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Lucas – Rebuttals Of The State Of The Union Speeches – 13 February 2013

obama-president-barack.n( Lucas:  In search for clues in the words spoken in the transcript there was not found a lot, certainly no breakthroughs. The State of the Union was criticised from left to right. The common vision was they expected more from the speech.  Still this speech has elements in it that could be interpreted many ways. Revaluation of the Dollar is one issue that can be pointed at if you see it as the only way to get the economy again to be competitive for the capitalists and corporations.  But what about free enterprise seen as a problem this leads to measures or restrictions or maybe who knows nationalization of companies or maybe to bring back liability to enterprises and its owners. So away with unlimited? We will see. Speaking of  lockdown in his speech is that introduction  of protectionism or is meant as we will lock the borders for immigrant or is it about other countries to lock down or is it meant as total lockdown of the financial and economic  system before it is coming down. It is all possible. ) Continue reading