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Lucas – A System Crumbles – A Call For Change – 11 November 2014


Picture by John Allan Crumbling Road Bridge. A bridge on a now bypassed section of the Dunvegan-Sligachan road in a bad way. The road is still open to traffic. (23 February 2006)

Our illicit brother and sisters that seem to keep wanting power over all have been losing in faction wars against the ones that see the ending of the FED fiat  banking system and the dollar as the world swap ending. Those others have been building a similar system to keep power as the FED is factually now in Chinese hands. The more countries shift to the other system (which is by the way just the same with an other name)  the more the printing worthless money is going on. The other system will last as long as power and greed will not make it a similar 2nd FED alike failure. The signs are clear: countries do business directly and more in other currencies than the dollar without any value. Commodities, and real estate, infrastructure is bought up in bulk by those now having the financial power or cashing in on the falling apart of the FED dollar system. Continue reading


Lucas – Bridging Towers – 6 November 2014


Bologna (Italy) The Two Towers By Patrick Clenet

The fictional realm of imprinted perception is still wanting to hold the change back as is shown more and more. The play is still going on for those believing and never stops even when the script already ended and the public got home.  A lot of this is going on on the Geo-political level or macro level.  The forces are still pulling out all the stops and real faces are shown. Hidden agendas still keep being exposed and the lit is every time popped off the kettle regardless the efforts to keep it shut. It is the time of integrating your higher spiritual connection and marrying it with you standing firmly on Mother Earth and being YOU. Sitting on a cloud in a fake belief of an all bliss state without any roots to your base where your reality is created called Earth is nothing.  The same counts for all those still being heavily earthly rooted without having any spiritual connection at all. This is also an illusion that reality is only in this defined earthly being status. The combined being rooted to you on this earth and also being connected to your higher spiritual you is what makes the balance.

We are here to learn the balance and to manage our duality and ego into a balanced state of being that will change all. It is a trying time as lots of you will have to make some heavy choices and are getting big challenges on your path. The way you handle this defines if you are more and more integrating and being balanced. We are all in a process going the way we all have to walk and you decide what your do on this road. We have to learn to cope with change as it is evermore going on.  Change is happening and keeping things, trying to format to capture to embody what is ever-changing is not possible. Holding on to certain beliefs, dogmas, ways or patterns is just showing your confinement to the old and that what you can not let go off.  The past weeks we have had a lot of sun activity and also lots of clear voices and statements from both sides of the spectrum. The progress will follow when all will meet and see the middle ground and balance. The compromise may be a way to end the duality dance.

The non-judgmental  clear and all-inclusive without boundaries is still not easy to establish into this world of millennia of duality pushed and shoved into your beings.  So as all that is set in motion it takes time to get up to speed. We will get there eventually.  If all of you are not clinging to their fortresses and newly built castles and towers. We need an open honest, transparent new way of doing things with also honoring the individual humans that can work together (not grouping up) to get things working on local levels.  Small communal change is the catalyst and see it like a stone thrown into the lake that will make circles, wider and wider. Change will grow on you all. It will become natural.  We are all equipped for it.  Be sure to keep in mind we are the ones we are waiting for and we can make it happen.  You do not need to go with the thought and manipulation police, governments  and mainstream media, and not following tv and playing dumbing down games. You can start and make a change yourselves in being an example, being you standing for a real new way of doing things, making change happen. The change will follow you as soon as you start it yourself.

More groups and organizations are falling apart.  Things last as long as it does. We have seen good intentions and bad implementation. We also saw bad things that grew eventually into something good.  We have seen the ones promising lots and leaving more with nothing than a bit of faith and belief in an old way.  Value will become more something not related to money and commodities but value of a social, human and spiritual kind. The value lies in what you can give with your heart towards helping and aiding others. The value in being in service to others.  We will change our thinking away from the egotistical needing for survival and or gain and culmination of wealth and power into a more altruistic style of thinking with the heart. Better said feeling and sensing what is best. The current state of our reality does not allow most the feeling and sensing of the real grand you as it gets clouded and overpowered by the old system.  We all need to see through it and know we can do it differently. Lots is already in small communities done different and in astonishing new ways. There is not one way of doing things but multiple and you all will find out what it is that tics each of your boxes. Be ready and open to embrace what is coming onto your path.

Much love and light,


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Lucas – Solar Update – 31 October 2014

SDO AIA 131After my last update on the 28th October there were only M Flares following up each other. On the 29th M Flares magnitudes: 1.01, 1.251.49, 1.03, 1.32, 2.32 with the 30th followed by magnitudes : 1.363.56, 1.25. My feeling is that the series of flares will keep up for a while.

source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com

Lucas – Solar Update – 28 October 2014

As sSDO AIA 131aid the built up of solar flares and releases is up up up! Even after my last update on the 26th October there were on that day two other M Flares 1.92 and  2.47 magnitudes.  On the 27th October sunspot region 12192 is produced multiple M Flares magnitudes 7.16, 1.081.3, 6.79, 2.06 , and an X Flare 2.07 and after that there was an other line up of  M Flares 1.44,   3.49, and a 6.61  magnitudes.

source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com

Lucas – Solar Update – 26 October 2014

SDO AIA 131The lack of solarflares for months is beginning now to bring more than ever. We can expect more!

24ht : Strong M4.07 solar flare and an Major X3.19 solar flare from sunspot region 12192
25th : Major X1.04 solar flare from sunspot region 12192
26th : Major X2.01 solar flare from sunspot region 12192 and a moderate M1.03 solar flare from sunspot region 12192 and a strong M4.22 solar flare from sunspot region 12192

source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com

Lucas – Solar Update – 25 October 2014

An X Flare magnituede 3.19  and   M Flares magnitude 4.07 and the day before yesterday a M Flare magnitude 1.14  were released by the sun. The sun keeps coming with Flares. I Forgot to mention the last time an other major M Flare 8.79 on the 22th Oct. next to the others released that day.

Source : http://www.spaceweatherlive.com


Lucas – Solar Update – 23 October 2014

SDO AIA 131A new series of new M-Flares and an X flare were released after a series of 5 M Flares on 20 Oct. (M1.2, M1.7, M 1.4. M4.5. M3.9). The newest series  on the 21st Oct. we had an M1.2 flare and now on the 22nd Oct. we have 2 M Flares : M 2.72 and M 1.4 and an X-Flare 1.67 magnitude in between.  Solarativitiy is up and more is coming.

see also sourc: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com


Lucas – Solar Update – 21 October 2014

Major X1.1 solar flare from sunspot region 2192

Picture of the X Flare 1.1 from the 19th Oct. 2014

The solar flares kept coming 20 October and 3 M Flares followed the last 2 M Flares of the 20th.  Magnitudes 1.77, 1.37  and 1.22 completed the day.

via source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com

Lucas – Solar Update – 20 October 2014

SDO AIA 131And as said there would be more coming. The sun released two more major M-Flares , a 3.91 and a 4.53 magnitude one.  We will see what comes next.

source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com

Lucas – Solar Update – X Flare 1.1 – 20 October 2014

After a few days M Flares  16th Oct., M4.36, 18th Oct. M 1.65  an X Flare of magnitude 1.1 was released from the sun on the 19th Oct. New M-Flares and X-Flares  very likely to follow and some sunspots are very active.

Read also source: http://www.spaceweatherlive.com