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Lucas – Lybia Again Freeing Itself? – 23 July 2013

Flag_of_Libya.svgIf you might not have read the information but in Libya is a new freedom fight started for as it seems freedom of the people from the foreign invaded oppressors as well as the regime.  After the 2012 strange Benghazi developments. In april 2013  a bombing took place at the French embassy having 3 people wounded and 3 days later a bomb threat was made at the Libya movie awards.  Britain evacuated  some diplomatic staff from Libya on 10 May 2013 and the US has been moving 200 marines to Sicily for Libya’s  protection as reported on 15 May 2013. Libya’s military chief of staff resigns following the Benghazi clashes on 9th June 2013  as today 23 July a new rocket launcher attack near the embassies took place from a car that later was on fire. Continue reading