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John Ward – UK Recession : Gipsy Merv Foresees A Recovery…. But Next Week Sees The Spanish Bailout – 21 September 2012

See Mervyn stare at glass globe. Hear Mervyn say things are recovering. And adding “albeit very slowly”. See Mervyn use the eurozone as a caveat. He should wear a tie like normal people. See a black cloud hanging over Merv’s parade. Continue reading


Madrid, Spontaneous March Of Police And State Employees – 17 July 2012

For the third time in just three days, a spontaneous demonstration has tilt the center of Madrid.
Police officers, doctors, firefighters and teachers have gathered in thousands on the streets of the capital, blocking city traffic  and without displaying flags of political parties or trade unions. “We feel cheated by those who pay less and increases taxes, “summarizes a Guardia Civil.

John Ward – Spanish Bankia Ruse : Draghi Bats The Stinky Ball Back To Madrid – 30 May 2012

“But eeth oonly leetle beet of thyeet, Mario…”

I’m amazed it’s taken this long to be honest, but Mario Draghi’s ECB yesterday told the chaps at Bankia thanks but no thanks in relation to their planned sh*t-for euros exchange via the ‘recapitalised’ Spanish bank. As I posted earlier this week, he had no choice: otherwise every bank from Arnhem to Zaragossa would’ve been at it. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Stubborn Stupidity, Fantasyland Thinking, Hopeless Bluffs – 30 May 2012

The Financial Times says Madrid in ‘game of chicken’ with EU.

I disagree. I think Spain’s prime minister Mariano Rajoy is a stubborn fool engaged in Fantasyland thinking, unable to think straight.

The issue regards a proposed Ponzi financing scheme to recapitalize Spanish banks. Continue reading

UFO Report- Red Glowing UFO – Madrid – Spain – 1 January 2012

Uploaded OOcepelin 1 st Jan. 2012 on YouTube.

Anti Pope Visit Protesters Fill Madrids Streets, 17 August 2011

Anti Pope Visit Protesters Fill Madrids Streets

My comment: “Its not all about money!”