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Mahalas Astrology – Dorene Carrel – Astrology Report For November – 30 October 2013

mahalaGuest article By Dorene Carrel

November is a dynamic month, highlighted by a Solar Eclipse, four planetary stations and another Uranus/Pluto square. These stations include Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune and Chiron. As earth and water signs are emphasized, much activity can happen on deep inner levels and emerge as new realizations or significant shifts in one’s beliefs and values. Continue reading


Mahalas Astrology – Guest Yuri Romanov – Numbers That Signify Love And Relationship Compatibility In Numerology – 24 June 2013

mahalaTopic: Numbers that Signify Love and Relationship Compatibility in Numerology

All throughout history, people have used many different techniques in analyzing compatibility between couples. And numerology is amongst them.

Numerology, like Astrology, is an ancient belief system that believes that each number value has a spiritual significance and corresponds to its own cosmic vibration, which can enlighten us a lot about someone’s character, personality, desires, and inner motivation. Continue reading

Mahalas Astrology – Guest Article Dorene Carrel – Astrology Report For March – 2 March 2013


mahalaMarch is a dynamic transition month, as several planets make a strong energetic shift from feminine watery Pisces to masculine fiery Aries. Mercury in Pisces remains in retrograde motion until March 17, opening us to higher visions.  Later in the month, Mars in aspect to Uranus and Pluto can bring revolutionary changes. The Vernal Equinox in Aries on March 20 marks the beginning of the astrological New Year. Continue reading

Mahala – Mahalas Astrology – Planet Alert February 2013 – 1 February 2013

mahalaJanuary was very challenging for many people. What a month that was with all the flu and colds that were going around and more stuff from the past coming up to be looked at and released. We were moving through the sign of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio. This means there was the interchange between those two planets. Saturn rules karma and old stuff, and Pluto rules transformation. The energy felt very heavy last month, at least to me. Continue reading

Mahalas Astrology – Dorene Caroll (Guest Article) – Astrology Report For January 2013 – 31 December 2012

mahalaJanuary is highlighted by a strong communication theme, as both lunations align with Mercury. Several planets in Capricorn bring needed structure and grounding to our goals and projects.  Therefore it is a good month for making new resolutions. Later in the month there is forward momentum and a renewed sense of expansion when Jupiter aspects the Sun and turns stationary direct. Continue reading

Mahala’s Astrology – Guest Jon Waldrup – In The Coyote Den Together – 9 October 2012

Saturn into Scorpio, October 5th 2012. In the Coyote Den together. by guest writer Jon Waldrup.

Over the last couple of years, you’ve become very aware of things you want to change. Things about you, your life, and the world you live in.

You’ve been caught in a field of polarity between experiences or awarenesses that feel good and make sense and experiences and awarenesses that feel wrong and don’t make sense.  It would be nice to say that there is a simple way to choose the “makes sense and feels good” side of the equation in a way that kept you there, but that’s not the way it has worked out. Continue reading

Mahalas Astrology – Guest Writer – Mona Delfino – From Transformation To The Joy Of Living – 3 September 2012


Most of you who have known me have seen me working at a radical pace recently! The need for healing is crucial at this particular time because everyone in our world is experiencing “change and transformation.” This is not a light subject, yet, it is one of the most important ones.

There have been many wonderful people coming to see me who had cancer or currently have cancer. This subject alone can frighten people, however, it is a condition that needs addressing, as well as heart problems and Alzheimer’s disease. (see bottom of article) Continue reading

Mahalas Astrology – Dorene Carrel – Guest Article – Astrology Report For August – 31 July 2012

Guest article by Dorene Carrel

August is highlighted by a Blue Moon, along with Mercury turning direct and later entering its own sign of Virgo.  August begins and ends with two full moons, which are important points of reassessment that indicate how far we have come and where we still need to go.  Creative and emotional energies are very strong this month. We are still under the July New Moon in Cancer, which brings issues connected with security, home and family. Continue reading