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BusinessInsider – Mamta Badkar – A Big Chinese ‘Bad Bank’ Plans To Go Public And It Has Experts Scratching Their Heads – 12 August 2013

businessInsiderCinda Asset Management, one of China’s state-owned asset management companies (AMC) created to buy up non-performing loans, is expected to apply to go public in Hong Kong next month.

The IPO is expected to raise $2.5 – $3 billion. The South China Morning Post reports that bankers handling the transaction say the listing has already “already attracted strategic investors due to its business’s ‘counter-cyclical’ nature at a time when growth in the world’s second-biggest economy is slowing.”

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CLN – Mamta Badkar – Neuroeconomics Will Reshape The Finance System –

neuroeconomicsMamta Badkar | Business Insider

Economist Robert Shiller has argued in favor of the“genuine beauty” in finance.

He believes that financial instruments can contribute to a better society because humans have an innate tendency towards generosity. Continue reading