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Natalie Glasson – Manifestation Thread- Part 2- Butterfly Moon – 30 January 2012

With the energy of love from the fairy kingdom I bathe you in brilliantly coloured light to assist in your connection with the fairies. We wish for you to know that we are here working alongside you to aid the ascension of humanity and the Earth, as well as assisting in a natural and much needed healing process to take place. It was my great pleasure to communicate with you last week to bring forth the realisation of your manifestation thread within you. The manifestation thread is an energy which both humanity and Mother Earth hold, allowing you to manifest, create and anchor what is needed and appropriate in your reality.  Mother Earth holds a larger and more powerful manifestation thread than humanity and so Mother Earth has the power to magnify and activate an individual’s manifestation thread. In order to manifest the Era of Love upon the Earth, humanity needs to learn to understand and use their manifestation thread in every day and moment of their realities. Every person uses their manifestation thread to some extend but the power of amplification and magnification that the manifestation thread can achieve is immense, it can empower and anchor anything that you wish to draw into your physical reality. Your manifestation thread can also assist you in understanding what you wish to manifest and whether it is most appropriate for your current pathway. When connected to your manifestation thread you actually begin to bring the energy of simplicity into your beings, this results in your desires and wishes changing. Continue reading