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Dana Mrkich – Manifesting And ‘Positive Thinking’ – 23 July 2013

DanaMrkichThe topic of Manifesting has come up on the Facebook page today and its connection with ‘positive thinking’.

This reminded me of an interaction I had the other week with a man who runs a local cafe. As I was waiting for my order I heard him telling his co-workers that he’d been to a meditation evening the previous night and the topic was Manifesting. He seemed to be laughing it off so I, of course, had to pipe up with a “it works you know.” He said ‘Ah, the power of positive thinking right?” and I said well no not really…it’s the power of knowing what is in your energy field, because that’s what’s creating your reality. He just stood there pondering that, so I picked up my chai latte and made my way out the door with a bye, have a nice day!  Continue reading