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Naomi Wolf – ‘Fake’ Activism – 14 September 2013

Uploaded on 22 July 2010 by ashBtahoe  Naomi Wolf, author of The End of America, argues that bureaucracy has killed effective protesting because mass social protests in the U.S. now have a feeling of “Disneyland activism.” “It feels fake, because it is fake,” she says.
2009 ( Lucas : Do you see the corporate state USA, that is not-your-thought of democratic government and congress, that is getting money in while not allowing you to say en mass it is enough……)


3 Minutes News – 16 April 2013

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Ruth Ryden – Ruth & The Masters Of Light – March 2013 – 28 February 2013


MARCH, 2013

Good Morning Dear Readers!   “There is no global climate change happening!”  Does anyone really believe that anymore?   All we need to do is look out our windows and check our calendars.   February has been a disaster to so many of you and our thoughts and prayers are with you of course.   We are snug and well for the most part.  Grandson and family will be traveling to California to see our daughter this weekend – she is the only one that lives far away from us, but keeps in constant touch.  Family is becoming even more important in these times of confusion and we are fortunate indeed for today’s electronics to be able to communicate so easily.  Call someone in your family, just to say hello.  As those of us whose years are piling up miss out on being close, we need to hear from family more often.  Let’s March into this new month with a lot of determination and acceptance – we are the offspring of a Mighty Creator! Continue reading