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Marilyn Rafaelle – The Arcturian Group – 5 May 2013

arcturian-group-333x500Greetings dear ones.  We come today to tell you of the many changes we see happening in your world.  Light energy is increasing each day which in turn is exposing much that has been kept hidden for years.  Do not despair if you do not see these changes yourselves because your news is not reporting to you that which we see.  What we see has to do with energy–souls awakening  and   planetary consciousness lifting to new and higher levels. This in turn is allowing people to see where and how they are being used and lied to by those that would keep the world in the old ways for  personal profit.  This is how change happens. Continue reading


Marilyn Rafaelle – The Acturian Group – 24 March 2013

Arcturian-GroupWe of the Arcturian Group welcome all who choose to read these messages.  We come today with news of great excitement as we see change rapidly falling into place for a new world order.  It is time for the Light to manifest in more ways than you have anticipated which you have worked hard to bring  about.  Be ready to see change within all systems of your world, for the energy is rapidly reaching a level in which change can manifest.  Do not sit and wait, but go about your daily chores  knowing in your hearts that all is proceeding according to plan.  Try not to imagine or anticipate specific changes for that interferes with the natural unfolding of events according to the energies in place and  is based on personal concepts of how things need to appear.  Rest, knowing within your hearts that the Divine I knows how and where to manifest, and you do not have to tell it what to do or how to do it, your job is to know the truth and trust it. Continue reading