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Marilyne Raffaelle – The Arcturian Group – 9 May 2012

Dear ones, we are here to greet  and welcome you all in this new era of energy.  You are now feeling  change within.  Many are feeling disoriented and wonder if there are physical issues.  No, what you are experiencing is simply the adjusting necessary  as the body integrates the higher frequencies.  Much is changing within the physical body as  cells release that which is old, and integrate the new and higher.  When you are feel sick, or weak, or your ears are ringing etc., just remember that you are making huge changes within your physical, emotional, and mental systems.  Rest more, allow yourselves to enjoy what you enjoy, drink and eat cleanly, and fill your consciousness with truth, while letting go of  all  that is old and finished.  We are not saying that you should not consult a doctor if you are guided to do so, but be aware that the energy is affecting how you physically feel. Continue reading

Marilyn Raffaelle – The Arcturian Group – 23 April 2012

We come once again to inform you that there are  many changes about to take place in your world.  Be not afraid as you observe changes to that which you have always known to be a certain way.  Be not afraid when  edifices of power begin to crumble, for the time is drawing very near to when you will be seeing  truth come bursting forth onto your planet in many forms–forms of informational news, forms of talk among yourselves, and forms of  the visiting of  planetary brothers and sisters who now await the correct time to enter into the picture.  This is all  part of spiritual  evolution which will not be fully complete by the end of this year as many have been led to believe, but is well on its way. Continue reading

Marilyn Raffaelle – The Arcturian Group – 8 April 2012

We come today to wish you a very happy holiday–that is  holy-day, for Easter represents the journey each soul must take as they move into enlightenment and out of the lessons of the third dimension.

This journey is that of life lived as best an individual can,  based upon their personal belief system and governed by  current rules of duality and separation.  Life continues “normally” until at some point in an individual’s spiritual evolution there comes the  crucifixion.  The crucifixion is  that time in which  everyday life no longer  works as it always has.  What up to that point has been predictable,  suddenly  comes to a screeching halt either through  some particular experience, experiences, or a new unfolding inner awareness. To outside observers as well as the individual himself, this period  may appear to be one of absolute failure,  loss, and  something dreaded.  To those still fully emersed in third dimensional values it is indeed seen as loss and failure, but to the experiencing soul it is  movement; the death of that which is now finished and the birth of the new. Continue reading

Marilyn Raffaelle – The Arcturian Group – You Are Learning The True Meaning Of Love – 11 March 2012

Dear ones, we come to tell you of the light we see eminating from your planet in an ever increasing intensity.

So many are awakening and beginning to understand the bigger picture. So many are beginning to see through the lies and games of those who wish to keep you in bondage and ignorant of your true selves

Do not get hung up on the fear and negativity you may become aware of, but instead try very hard to use that which you become aware of for practice in keeping your energy and consciousness immersed in truth, for this is what will change world consciousness. Continue reading

Marilyn Raffaelle – The Arcturian Group – We Speak To You Of Trust – 20 February 2012

Dear ones, we greet you in these times of tremendous activity taking place all over the world, although you are not always aware of it. We see much happening with regard to the exposure of events that have been kept from you. Many are speaking out and many more are trying to speak out. It is a new time for all. Do not get discouraged as you read about the many works of negativity, but instead realize that these issues are coming to mankind’s’ awareness as a preparation so to speak, for more information to come. Many will be shocked to find out how they have been deceived by those pretending to have the peoples’ best interests at heart while instead holding only to their own best interests. Continue reading