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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Europe’s Most Dangerous Politicians: Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, David Cameron, Jean-Claude Juncker, Jose Barosso, Mario Monti, Herman Van Rampuy – 13 August 2012

Der Spiegel has published an inane article about Europe’s 10 Most Dangerous Politicians.

Top 10 List

  1. Markus Söder, Bavarian Finance Minister: The politician from the Christian Social Union, the conservative sister party to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, is known for his tub-thumping rhetoric and has stepped up a gear in the euro crisis with vitriolic comments about Greece. “An example must be made of Athens, that this euro zone can show teeth,” he told the Bild am Sonntag tabloid newspaper this week. Continue reading

Der Spiegel – Interview With Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti ‘A Front Line Between North And South’ – 7 August 2012

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti: “I will remain in office until April 2013, and I hope that I can rescue Italy from financial ruin by then …”

In a SPIEGEL interview, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti says Europe is showing traces of a “psychological dissolution” in the debt crisis and that leaders are doing too little to stop it. He also warns that governments cannot allow themselves to become “fully bound” to parliament in determining policies to save the euro.

(Lucas:  that above statement means we can not force our ways if they democratic chosen representatives block everything. That is sounding like a new world order statement.)

Read the whole story at : http://www.spiegel.de link to original article

Mish /Mike Shedlock – Italy’s Prime Minister Blames Finland and Netherlands For Spike In Yields – 9 July 2012

Like a drunk blaming a pebble in the road for causing his fall, Italy’s Prime Minister Blames Finland and Netherlands for Spike in Yields.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti denounced unnamed “northern” EU states on Sunday for taking positions that contributed to spikes in borrowing costs for Italy and Spain. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Monti Begs Germany To Stabilize Interest Rates; Merkel Pours Cold Water On “Theoretical Discussions”;Italy Official Denial’#1; Why Monti’s Days Are Numbered – 21 June 2012

The G-20 summit is over. As expected, the two-day summit produced nothing but bickering.

On day one, European Commission president Jose Barroso kicked things off by sniping at a Canadian reporter and blaming the US for Europe’s problems.

UK Independent Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage responded by calling Barroso a “delusional idiot”. Continue reading

The Daily Bell – Italian Voters Reject Austerity, Too – 10 May 2012

Italians reject Monti’s austerity in local vote … A maverick comic who wants Italy to quit the euro made big gains in local elections on Monday while former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi‘s party lost heavily as voters joined a wave of anti-austerity anger across Europe and punished incumbent parties. The results, following the victory of French Socialist Francois Hollande and major losses for traditional big parties in Greece on Sunday, will add to pressure for European leaders to ease measures adopted to counter the financial crisis. Prime Minister Mario Monti was not in the race but for the two main parties that support his technocrat government in parliament, the centre-right People of Freedom (PDL) and the centre-left Democratic Party (PD), the vote was the biggest barometer of support ahead of national elections next year. The 5 Star Movement led by Beppe Grillo, a shaggy-haired comedian whose caustic invective against the established parties has gained increasing resonance in the wake of a spate of corruption scandals, made some spectacular advances. – Reuters

(Read the whole story at http://www.thedailybell.com link to original article)