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Natalie Glasson – Master Jesus And Mary Magdalene – Accept Your Free Will – 16 October 2012

This message is very special to me as it was given to me by two beloved beings, Master Jesus andMary Magdalene who have been powerful guiding lights for me in this life time and past lifetimes. Ifeel that this message will be special for many people who are close to me as it has so many levelsof meaning and understanding. It is a message that brings insight into my own life and I hope that itoffers the same for you. I wish to dedicate this channelling to Frederico Venturini who after attending my Ireland Retreat,‘Light Ascension Synthesis Ashram 15-22nd September 2012’ passed away ( I feel ascended) onlyseven days later at the age of 41. I am greatly honoured that I was able to meet Fred and to receive the open hearted love and compassion that he gave so willingly to all. His presence on the Earth will be missed but I know his light will be ever with us at this special time of ascension. Fred’s chosen affirmation at the retreat was, ‘I am Limitless.’ Continue reading